Nov 29, 2013

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Common Amenities of Luxury Caribbean Homes

When you come across listings for Caribbean real estate for sale, you may be surprised to see all of the amenities that these island homes have to offer. Many of these residences offer several luxuries that you would find in very high priced homes, yet they remain relatively affordable. If you’re considering relocating to the islands, here are some amenities you can expect to find.

Custom Window Dressings

Many Caribbean homes are made with custom wood shutters and window treatments. This may not seem like an attractive feature, but custom shutters are considered a luxury for most homes. Each one has to be made to fit the exact dimensions of the window, and won’t be a good match for any other space. Your Caribbean home could be full of custom features.

Luxury Flooring

While searching for Caribbean real estate for sale, you may find that the best homes have luxury flooring. One common material used in the area is travertine. This material is durable and has a lot of history. Most of the stone is imported from Turkey, and this is the same material that can be found in over 80 percent of the Roman Coliseum.

Outdoor Showers

It would be nice to come home from a swim, and be able to use an outdoor shower. This is an option for many Caribbean homes and villas. Outdoor showers are convenient and offer the resident a great view of the area while washing away a bit of sand. This could come in handy with children, or when you have several guests spending time on the beach.

It’s not hard to find Caribbean real estate for sale that offers the luxury¬†amenities that you need to make you feel comfortable, and pampered. Many of these residencies are located right on the beach front, and have great waterfront views. When selecting a permanent home or vacation home, make sure that it fits your character, and offers the features that are most important to you. Find out which island areas are the best for your financial situation, and start looking for your warm weather get away. You don’t need a lot of money to be able to enjoy the best that the Caribbean has to offer.

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