Commercial Refrigeration Panels: What are they and why do you need them?

If you own a business in California that requires cold storage, such as a grocery store, convenience store, bakery, or restaurant, you need to look into commercial refrigeration panels in California.

What are refrigeration panels?

Refrigeration panels are used in various contexts to protect the contents. It is also used in refrigerated trucks to transport food and other temperature-sensitive items. Large-scale refrigeration units utilize refrigeration panels to keep the cold inside.

Refrigeration panels are just the front of the refrigeration system, but they are essential in running your business. Keeping your food safe and at the right temperature is important when you have a food services business. It is important to customers, as well as to FDA inspectors or other regulatory agencies that you have to report to. Lost food is lost overhead and can lower your potential revenue over time. Having a reliable cold storage solution is necessary also for insurance purposes and maintenance of your establishment.

Gain Customer Trust with Adequate Cooling Units

Another reason you need reliable cooling units and refrigeration is to gain trust from your customers. Customers depend on food service people to keep their food products safe from bacteria and spoilage. Keeping food too long at room temperature is one of the main reasons for foodborne illness. If your customers know you have efficient cooling, they will trust you more.

Where do I get cold storage?

TKS Cold Storage Mfg. and Construction offers top-quality refrigeration and panel systems that are affordable and specifically designed for your business and commercial needs. These systems can be used in either indoor or outdoor situations.

The TKS Cold Storage system offers the ability to have commercial refrigeration panels installed and constructed on your premises or with any outside facility that you own.

Also, TKS offers a wide variety of other options such as flooring, various door options and styles to fit your business type, and pallet racks, to name a few.

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