Jul 5, 2018

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Commercial New Roof Construction in Sugar Land

Commercial buildings need roof replacements due to age and damage. In a few cases, a replacement roof is needed for cosmetic reasons. New commercial buildings undergoing construction are also in need of roofing materials based on blueprint designs. Commercial buildings include shopping malls, schools, strip malls, warehouses, car dealerships, and stand alone stores such as supermarkets. The property owners and landlords of commercial buildings are responsible for roof repairs and replacements in the majority of cases, unless the tenant’s HVAC contractor has inflicted damage on a portion of the roof. Commercial buildings often have HVAC units installed on the roof, which HVAC contractors must access when performing maintenance and repairs.

New Construction

Commercial New Roof Construction in Sugar Land involves the use of contractors, sub-contractors, and working relationships with a commercial property manager. While the owner and developer of a commercial building will finance the payments needed to complete the construction, contractors and sub-contractors specialize in drawing up the construction plans, determining designs and the best materials to use. Contact Allegiance Roofing for complete details on the available options and processes.

Existing Roofs

A roof contractor is needed to make routine repairs on the roofs of buildings and full replacements when a roof becomes too expensive to repair due to age. Contractors involved in Commercial New Roof Construction in Sugar Land are usually able to assist with repair and replacement projects. Roofs typically need to be replaced every fifteen to twenty years, but this time line can become accelerated if the building is located in a severe climate or the roof sustains extensive damage. Sub-tropical climates with stronger suns, severe storms and other elements are an example.

Roofing contractors are licensed to replace, repair and install new roofing materials. These contractors will make a repair or replacement recommendation based on the age of the roof, how many repairs have already been made, any existing damage, and the problems that need addressed. Constant roof leaks when it rains can be an indicator it is time for a full replacement and that patch repairs are no longer a solid long-term solution. Budget can be an important consideration, but the long-term costs associated with each option should take priority when it comes time to make a decision on whether to repair or replace.

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