Aug 25, 2014

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Cloud Computing Strategy Places Security as the Top Priority

What is the big question surrounding the future potential of the cloud network? It is certainly not its access to more storage capacity, for many cloud services are providing what seems to be unlimited terabytes of information that can fuel the functionality of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and many other major online entities. It is also not the price, which is seeing increases in certain factions that are only appropriate to the capacity of the services and storage. There is no exponential price gouging going on here.

No, the problem will ultimately rely in the cloud services ability to protect information. There are many threats withstanding, including the threat of general account information leaks (such as credit cards) to the threat of information being leaked to a competitor in a much more private matter. There are also legal ramifications for individuals and corporate leaders that are not properly keeping up to the standards of protection. But where are these standards? Who is setting them?

The cloud faces an uncertain future because of this one major aspect. The following years will remain pivotal in how the cloud services will contend with threatening forces and how they can guarantee the safety of their client’s clients information. The great big cloud computing strategy involves keeping track of progressing security measures and having an immediate backup plan established in case of a breach. Any lack of transparency on the side of the cloud services could indicate that they are being protective of their own methods. This could be a great sign. Oddly, it could also mean they have something to hide themselves. In this case, their own inadequacies in the network.

A cloud computing strategy by Veritivity diversifies. It shows that the cloud cannot be 100% trusted in its current form, and places security protocols as a top priority. Information can never be guaranteed private because there are too many unknowns at play. But the fact that it can be secured up to 99% is a pretty good certainty that cloud computing has a future if it is done the right way. Contact Veritivity to learn more.

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