Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About AC Service in Jacksonville

Learning more about an HVAC system will help users care for their equipment better. With regular maintenance, owners can prolong the life of their equipment and keep it at high efficiency. Additionally, when a user knows how to maintain the equipment, they can avoid the most common mistakes. Here’s the truth behind a few long-standing myths about AC service in Jacksonville, FL.

The Thermostat Controls the Indoor Temperature

Most users believe that the system’s thermostat controls indoor temperatures. While the statement isn’t entirely false, it only applies when a building has sufficient insulation, an efficient HVAC system, and no leaks. If any of these areas are lacking, a building won’t reach its desired temperature.

Filters Should Only Be Changed Once Per Year

Regular filter changes are a simple way to extend an HVAC system’s lifespan and reduce the need for AC service in Jacksonville, FL. Depending on the filter’s condition, it should be changed every 30 to 90 days. Failing to replace them regularly will compromise system performance and bring premature wear and tear.

Systems Can be Used Until They Break

Another common myth about AC systems is that they can be used until they fail. If a system is outdated, users may spend more on maintenance than they would on replacement. An experienced Jacksonville HVAC technician can determine whether equipment should be replaced.

Whether it’s time for HVAC maintenance or an upgrade, Jacksonville’s property owners can count on the team at Air McCall Heating & Air Conditioning for fast, friendly service. Call today or fill out the online contact form for additional details.

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