Choosing Triathlon and Other Running Gear in Chicago IL

The right gear can make all the difference when competing in a triathlon. The best types of gear help people quickly move through the transitions from swimming to biking to running while remaining comfortable during all portions of the race.


The choice of clothing depends in part on the preferences of the racer and the length of the race, as well as the temperatures during the race. Some people choose to spend the whole race in a swimsuit, especially if it’s one of the shorter triathlons. Others wear triathlon-specific clothing, such as tri-shorts or tri-suits, that can be worn through the entire race instead of switching to different clothing at each stage. When the water is cold, athletes may need a triathlon-approved wetsuit, which can actually increase speeds as well, although removing the wetsuit before starting the biking portion of the race can use up a few extra seconds. Another consideration is socked. Some people run without them, especially if they’re wearing shoes especially made to be worn without socks, but don’t do this without practicing first to make sure the shoes don’t cause uncomfortable blisters.


For the biking portion of the race, look for stiff-soled bike shoes that hook right to the bike pedals without the need for clips, fasten quickly with hook-and-loop style straps and have a loop at the back of the shoe to make it easy to pull on the shoes quickly.

When shopping for Running Gear In Chicago IL, shoes are particularly important. Athletes can choose whatever style of shoes best suit their running style and provide the right amount of comfort and support during the race. The main consideration is the laces. It’ll save time if triathletes trade regular laces for stretch laces or add toggles to their laces to make it so they can quickly tighten their shoes for the running portion of the race. Those who want to skip socks should choose a pair of running shoes with a soft and seamless lining.

Other Gear

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