Jun 19, 2015

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Choosing The Right Mattress Store In Lafayette

Choosing The Right Mattress Store In Lafayette

It can be exhausting when you’re searching for mattresses that will fit your needs, but it is essential to do so because you want to be comfortable. If you are in need of a good mattress store in Lafayette, you may be wondering where to start or what to do. While it can be tempting to rush into the first one and buy something, you want to take your time and test them out.

Several Stores

Would you go to the first dealership and make a purchase that same day? Chances are, you are like most people and want to shop around for vehicles and other large purchases, such as mattresses. Therefore, don’t be rushed by yourself, partner or the company, but take your time. Go online and search for reviews about each company and bed, and make plans to visit them, giving yourself plenty of time for testing.

Test Mattresses

While it may seem strange, you want to lie down on the beds to ensure they will fit your needs. Test expensive versions first, even if you can’t afford them. You’ll soon learn what qualifies as comfort to your body, and then you can try more affordable options to ensure they’ll fit your needs and still be of good quality.


Even though most people hate haggling, it is acceptable to negotiate for a better price or to ask for extras. Most salespeople are willing to throwing you a bone or two if it means completing the sale. However, if you are going to pay full price, you may want to ask for a pillow-top, frame or box spring to go along with it.

Go Home and Think About It

Once you have your mind set and have worked out the pricing details, ask for a written guarantee that you will get the items requested and the price you want. Then, go home that night and think about your decision. If it still feels right in the morning, go back to the store and complete the purchase.

Buy and Return

Once you have purchased it, you’ll likely get a trial period of about 30 days. This allows you to ensure it is an excellent choice, so use that time wisely. If, after the trial period, you aren’t satisfied, don’t be afraid to return it, going back through the steps to find one that will work for you.

A mattress store in Lafayette shouldn’t be about rushing and hurrying. Instead, you should find something that fits your needs now and in the future, visit Mattress Direct FB page to find out what they offer.

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