Jul 8, 2015

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Choosing the Right Marine Battery Cable

Choosing the Right Marine Battery Cable

To an untrained eye, a battery cable would have no use out at sea. But in reality, the engine that keeps the boat chugging along has many of the same mechanisms as a car.

It is not easy to get a mechanic out into the water to work on a stalled boat, therefore using the right equipment can ensure that your boat will run efficiently without needing constant repair. The engine on a boat is very different from other forms of transportation because there are many more components and therefore it requires a lot more electricity. It needs to be fitted with the right cables and terminals so that it can work properly.

A boat’s engine is also accustomed to the harsh and moist climate conditions and it doesn’t make sense to install expensive equipment. Marine-rated electrical and electronic tools must be of high quality and at least the same quality as the other gear used on a boat.

It’s necessary to use such equipment because of atmospheric intrusion. More often than not, these cables and terminals can get damaged from salt infiltration and in some cases, work through bilge water and high temperatures. In such circumstances, using high quality cables such as a 4/0 Marine battery cable is the safest choice.

Tips on Choosing the Right Cable

When choosing the right battery cable for marine vessels, many factors such as cable size, its reaction to corrosion, type of stranding, and coating must be considered. Marine cables also need to be approved. Approved marine primary wire is the only type that is allowed for use on a boat.

The wires also need to be provided with sufficient resistance against the harsh environment. 4/0 Marine Battery Cables by Trillium Development Ltd Co. are basically used for proper protection against any external elements. Being of high quality, you can be sure that there will be no need for you to replace them any time soon.

As a boat owner, you also need to look for the proper size for a marine cable to ensure that the cable can handle the task. Using the right attach terminals, with a proper cable that cannot carry the current; can result in over current or current blockage. A 4/0 Marine battery cable is your best bet as it carries the right voltage and whether you’re choosing a ground cable or a positive cable, depending on the type of machinery, it will need to be properly sized.

You also need to make sure that the cables are highly flexible and are resistant to acids, abrasions, alkali, gasoline, moisture and oil so that these factors do not affect the longevity of your machinery.

Electric Wire and Cable Specialists strive to provide customers with the right cables for all their electrical needs, and if you’re searching for a good wire like the handy 4/0 Marine Battery Cable; then there can be no better choice.

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