Feb 3, 2017

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Choosing the Right Machinist Toolbox

Choosing the Right Machinist Toolbox

Perhaps you are training to be a professional machinist or you need to upgrade your current toolbox. There are a lot of choices on the market today and some excellent models like the Smart Drawer design from SupplyPro and the finely crafted Lista tool box. So, what should you look for in a toolbox, to make your job easier and more efficient? Let’s explore some of the important things to consider.


If your SupplyPro or Lista tool box needs are mobile, size is very important. For example, the smaller the unit, the easier it is to maneuver and move about. However, you also need something capable of holding as many things as possible, for its size. Yet, if you plan to leave your cabinet in one place, you can afford to get something larger and capable of holding tools you’ll need in the future. This can save you the headaches and expense of upgrading and expanding at some point.

Available space often determines your cabinet size. Plus, the type of work you perform will determine whether you should go with stationary or mobile units.


If you buy cheap toolboxes you are essentially wasting your money. This is why many machinists go with brands like the Lista tool box. You won’t have to worry about drawers hanging up or not sliding smoothly. Plus, these units come with heavy duty castors designed to last for many years. In addition, you have many options in which to choose like colors, drawer size and arrangements.


Price is an important consideration, but the professional machinist should choose the finest tools and toolboxes, when possible. Tools are an important investment in your career and future. The money you spend on tools and supplies is a tax deductible expense, so they may not cost as much as you think.

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