Feb 21, 2014

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Choosing the Right Executive Office Space for Your Business

Deciding on the best office space for your business can be an overwhelming task, especially for business owners who are seeking executive office space for the first time. While it is true that the location of a corporate space can make or break a business, choosing the best fit for your company can be simple and stress free if some basic questions are considered.

When considering locations for your company’s office space, there are many considerations to be made.  Especially when a major city is the location for an executive office space, Manhattan business owners should give careful consideration to whether or not the space is located within a safe neighborhood. Similarly, it is important to be sure that an office location is easily accessible through public transportation systems. Before choosing a location, check the bus and subway routes to be sure that all employees can easily access their place of work.

Building Security
Employers want to ensure that their staff feels safe and secure in their place of business. To foster a sense of security among employees, consider the neighborhood the space is located in and evaluate what security measures you see as appropriate. Does the building offer an alarm system?  Does a security guard or receptionist man the lobby? When it comes to keeping employees, company property and other valuables safe, a business owner can never be too careful.

Expansion Room
In addition to being sure that the office space you are considering is large enough for your current business needs, be sure to think toward the future and be sure that the space will allow your company to grow. Since most rental agreements involve a several-year lease, it is imperative that business owners examine not only the current needs of their company, but also the future growth of their business.

Be sure to look into parking options for both company employees and visitors to your office. Does the building offer a parking garage or lot? If so, what are the fees associated with using the facility? In situations where there is no parking facility, be sure to examine the streets and public parking lots surrounding the office building to ensure that the needs of your employees and guests will be adequately met.

Bevmax Office Centers are pleased to offer a wide variety of office spaces for rent in the Manhattan area. Whether your need for office space is small or large, our facilities offer safe, productive, well-maintained offices for all types of businesses.

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