Aug 21, 2014

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Choosing The Most Appropriate Defense Through A Criminal Lawyer

In a court of law it is vital for a criminal attorney to build their client’s case based on the most appropriate choice of defense. These defenses cater to the circumstances of the crime and the most viable option for proving innocence. If you are facing formal criminal charges, you should contact a Criminal Lawyer today.

Possible Criminal Defense

Presumption of innocence is proven by convincing the jury and judge that the accused was unable or physically or mentally incapable of committing the crime. This defense is used when an individual has a physical or mental impairment that eliminates them as a suspect based on the impossibility that they could have been involved in the crime identified. Reasoning includes a lack of understanding of right or wrong, lack of physical strength, or an inability based on intelligence.

Alibi Defense

This defense implies that the individual was unable to have committed the crime due to an alibi that places them away from the scene of the crime. While the court will accept testimony from a witness who saw the individual in a different location at the time the crime was committed, they may require further evidence. Credit care receipts that are date and times stamped or surveillance video footage.

Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable doubt defense should present new evidence that proves that the accused is not guilty. This could imply that he or she wasn’t present at the scene through proof. It could also present evidence that shows that the evidence presented by the prosecution is not credible enough for a conviction. If this evidence is purely circumstantial and doesn’t present a clear connection between the accused and the crime, the attorney can move to have the charges dismissed. When this is the case, the accused is exonerated of all charges and will not incur any penalties.

A Criminal Lawyer will review the circumstances of your case to determine which defense is most appropriate for you. They will evaluate evidence presented by the prosecution and perform an investigation to gather proof to substantiate your claim of evidence. If you are facing criminal charges, you should contact Zaloba Edward to seek legal representation.

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