Dec 9, 2016

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Choosing the Best Hand Dryer

Choosing the Best Hand Dryer

If your business has a bathroom on the premises for customers, then you need to be certain you have a way for people to always dry their hands. You need the best hand dryer available. That means keeping an eye out for certain qualities when you are shopping around.

Dry Time

No one wants to be standing in front of a hand dryer for over a minute just so his or her hands can get fully dry. Look for dryers that offer an exceptionally fast dry time. If someone’s hands can be dry in as little as 10 seconds, then that is a great product.

Great Energy Efficiency

Hand dryers should be beneficial for your company as well as your customers using them. You should do your research to see which dryers are designed to use less power. Less electricity being used for every use means that you save on your company’s electric bills every month. You stand to save quite a bit if you also install other energy efficient products as well as the best hand dryer you can find.


You should also keep an eye on the type of warranty your new hand dryer comes with. This will give you an idea of how long you can expect your dryer to last for. You do not want to replace your dryer frequently, so get one that will last for over a decade.


Finally, find a dryer that comes with antimicrobial properties. Your guests will enjoy the knowledge that they are not spreading germs throughout a facility. This will also ensure your employees’ hands are being kept as clean as possible.

Plenty of hand dryer models are available, so there may be a few options that actually provide you with the best hand dryer possible. Review all your options so that you end up being 100 percent satisfied with your purchase.

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