Feb 16, 2015

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Choosing the best general contractor for a commercial project

A commercial general contractor in Los Angeles is one which focuses on the construction of non-residential properties but instead focuses on the construction of shopping centers, office buildings, etc. For projects that use public funds the government often stipulates that the work must be given to the lowest bidder on the project. On the surface this may seem like an effective way to get value for taxpayer’s dollars but as this method does not take into account the reputation and qualifications of the other bidders there are often delays and other issues which often turn out to be more costly. This is not the process used by private companies; they are not limited to the low bidder.

It really is important to focus beyond simple price during the initial stages of selecting the best general contractor for a private contract. T is important that the company take into account the project history of the contractor, all the references that are provided should be checked closely and the contractor in question should have their background checked to see if there are any legal impediments to working with them. As not all general contractors have a full complement of skills and workers it is also important to look into the background of those sub contractors that will be involved. Sub contractors that are paid well and on time are usually an indication of the quality of the general contractor in Los Angeles.

When the project involved is major in scope the financial standing of the contractor is also an important consideration, it is necessary for you to determine whether they have the capital and liquidity necessary to complete the job. A major construction project requires that the contractor be able to meet payroll, purchase materials required for the job, pay subcontractors and other suppliers. By checking the bonding capacity as well as the credit history and tax records of the contractor being evaluated you will be in a far better position to validate their financial capacity.

Once you have gone through these types of vetting procedures you will now be faced with the quoted project costs. It is at this stage that both you and the potential contractor must be in a position to ask and answer all questions, clarifying any points that may be confusing. If everything is more or less equal between the bidders now you should feel comfortable in choosing the bidder that offers the attractive price and terms.

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