Choosing The Best Fire Extinguishing System in Biloxi, MS

A fire extinguishing system in Biloxi, MS is but part of an overall fire protection or fire suppression system. The entire system is designed to detect the breakout of a fire and aid in the extinguishing of the fire. The system must be designed to detect the threat as soon as possible and to extinguish the fire with as little damage to the building and its contents as possible. Fire suppression systems are rarely found in a home, they are commonly used in a commercial environment, such as an office or retail establishment. In determining the type of system, the owner must take into account:

– The size of the area to be covered

– The speed at which the system should respond

– The structural details and materials used in the building

– The materials stored in the building

There is more than one fire extinguishing system in Biloxi, MS. There are wet systems, dry systems and quick response systems. They all have certain advantages and roles to play. Fires and the method used to suppress them have a classification system that labels the types of fires they are suited for. Normal fires are usually suppressed with water or with a frozen inert gas. The system that uses water is referred to as a wet system, whereas gas is considered to be dry.

Neither system is without drawbacks. A wet system may freeze in the winter in the Northern states and dry systems are slower to react to a fire. A dry system is somewhat more complicated and difficult to install and a wet system may cause extensive damage to delicate electronics and paper in the office. A quick response system is custom made is often used in environments where a large fire that can spread quickly, is a risk.

Prior to choosing the system that is correct for the situation, all fire hazards in the area should be identified and either removed or if that’s not possible, then precautions must be taken to minimize the risk of fire. Part of what will determine the type of system is an understanding of what type of fire is most likely to break out and how large the fire might be. If the building is a warehouse for highly flammable chemicals the system would have to be designed to extinguish large fires, fast.

Once there is an understanding of the type of fire, the intensity and the method employed to deal with them, there must be a review of how many people would be in the area at any given time and what escape routes are there for them. The fire extinguishing system in Biloxi, MS should be designed to keep these predetermined escape routes clear for the evacuation. The system must be installed right to the escape doors. Call or visit us today for your FREE estimate!

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