Jan 20, 2014

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Choosing the best backhoe service company

Excavation companies in Ottawa often make use of a backhoe, if you are in need of this service how do you best go about finding the best backhoe service available? The first thing to take into consideration is the job that needs to be done; there are many different backhoes so the right company will be a company that has a number of different backhoes for different purposes. Perhaps one of the primary considerations when a backhoe is to be employed on a job is the existing terrain. If the job in question is to take place on a muddy site the backhoe will most certainly need four wheel drive, this is true if the site has loose soil or if it is winter; snow.

Selecting the best excavation companies in Ottawa that provide backhoe service means that they are in a position to offer the right machine for the job. Many smaller companies tend to focus on a single type of machine which may be applicable in some cases, but not all. Once you know the task at hand, you are better positioned to call various companies, provide them with the details and get their input. There are a number of very common jobs but they require different machines. Some of the jobs that are done regularly is installing a septic system including dropping the tank in a hole, installing water lines below the frost line, cutting and grooming of gardens and driveways and every conceivable type of excavation.

If the project you are faced with is an excavation, it is important to pay attention to the depth of the hole. Many compact backhoes are limited to about a ten foot deep hole; full sized backhoes can exceed that by a good six feet. Of course the hole that can be dug by either a compact machine or a full size backhoe is virtually unlimited if the work can be done in stages, lowering the machine into the hole for subsequent passes.

Backhoes are not just used for excavation; the bucket can be easily removed and replaced with other attachments such as concrete peckers and grinders. If the task that you are faced with includes these services then you will want to work with excavation companies in Ottawa that have these machines in their inventory.

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