May 6, 2015

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Choosing Between Dedicated, Shared, and Semi Dedicated Business Web Hosting

Choosing the right business web hosting plan isn’t always easy. Some companies over-buy, winding up with a variety of things they don’t use, don’t need, but pay for. Conversely, many under-buy on web hosting plans for their business because they don’t fully understand their requirements and because they are more worried about costs than anything else. Over time it can become evident what your business actually needs but in the interim you’ve spent money unnecessarily or had to endure frustrations associated with having a website that does not perform well enough.

Research Your Options

Researching options and talking to experts about what sort of website you have and what sort of website your business model needs can help you.

The bottom rung of the web hosting ladder might be enough for you to start out with. It also may not be anywhere close to what your company needs. Sometimes the mid-range is a good place to start. If you’re not sure that you need (or can justify the expense of) dedicated web hosting for your business but you are fairly certain that shared hosting plans are not the right fit for you, semi-dedicated business web hosting plans are a compromise that can give you some of the features of a dedicated hosting plan at an affordable price point.

  • Having a semi-dedicated hosting plan could be a good fit. It means that while you don’t have a dedicated server for your business web hosting only, you’ll have much more than the average shared hosting plan customer.
  • In a semi-dedicated plan a virtual server segregates you from others. This is often called VPS hosting. VPS hosting also means you also get resources dedicated to you.
  • A dedicated hosting plan could also be the right fit. Furthermore, you might want managed hosting services where everything is managed and monitored for you.

What if Dedicated Hosting is Better?

The only way to determine for certain whether or not you need a semi dedicated plan are to examine the options. You may also opt to work with a semi dedicated plan for a limited period of time to determine whether or not it’s working for you. Most web hosts are happy to help you scale up to a fully dedicated plan if that’s something that better suits the needs of your business.

Research your options before signing up with a business web hosting plan so you can be sure that the plan you choose will help instead of hinder your online success.

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