Dec 3, 2013

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Choosing Bathroom and Kitchen Vinyl Tiles in Minneapolis, MN

Vinyl tiles, while not exceedingly popular, are inexpensive and can be very beneficial to the room you put them in. They come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors to match any decor. They’re waterproof and are considered a DIY project as installation is simple and easy. Being durable and attractive, more homeowners are choosing vinyl tiles in Minneapolis, MN because of the cost and flexibility of options.

The biggest misconception about vinyl flooring is that it’s worthless and cheap in appearance. Like any other flooring material, there are lower end and higher end products that can be factored into your budget. Cheaper vinyl tiles typically come with an adhesive backing for quick, easy self installation. More expensive tiles tend to be thicker and of higher quality, and you usually have to buy the adhesive yourself. When purchasing vinyl tiles, you must factor in the amount of space you’re covering, the price of the individual tile, and whether or not you have to factor in adhesive costs.

Vinyl Tiles are very flexible in design and color, so they can fit with any room’s theme. Colors and designs can range from solids, patterned, or even fake representations of wood. Additionally, the tiles themselves can be shaped to form a pattern that provides a unique visual effect once laid down. The tiles are seamless, so they mesh together and form a continuous sleek look.

One of the biggest reasons people choose vinyl flooring is because of the durability and waterproof benefit. Very easy to clean, they can take a lot of traffic in high-moisture areas without showing severe wear and damage over time. For this reason, they are often installed in bathrooms or kitchens. Initial installation is very easy, and replacement can be just as easy as you don’t necessarily have to remove old floor tiles to install vinyl.

The popularity of vinyl tiles has gone up significantly with people recognizing the benefits of having them installed in their kitchens or bathrooms. The durability of the tiles makes them pay for themselves over years of easy maintenance and care. If you’re thinking about installing Vinyl Tiles in Minneapolis, MN, consider turning to Galaxie Floor Stores for a professional opinion.


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