Sep 15, 2014

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Choosing a Nacra Pre-K in Oceanside, CA-Consider a Montessori Program to Obtain Numerous Benefits

Are you looking for a Nacra Pre-K in Oceanside CA program for your young child? If so, you may wish to look into a Montessori program, as there are numerous benefits associated with programs of this type. Although this program won’t be a good fit for all children, many will thrive in the Montessori environment and develop a love of learning that lasts for life. Here are just a few of these benefits.

The Montessori program takes into account the various developmental milestones one should expect to see in a child between the ages of three and five. Not only does it work on large motor skills and developing language in younger children, as the child ages, he or she begins to work toward learning how to complete daily activities, while developing fine motor skills. As children grow, the focus moves to learning about the community they live in and where they fit into this community.
Children learn self-discipline in this type of classroom setting. Although they do choose which activities to engage in and how long they work on any particular activity, the teacher remains present in the classroom and does enforce certain ground rules. Children are expected to learn self-control, how to concentrate on a task, and how to stay motivated.

Many studies have debated whether the academic portion of a Montessori preschool does benefit children, and studies show children who attend this type of school do better in the early years of schooling, up until approximately the age of 12. At that time, the differences become less noticeable in terms of sheer academics. Where Montessori trained children do continue to excel, however, is in their social development, of importance to many parents, who feel older children are now lacking in this area.

When searching for a Nacra Pre-K in Oceanside CA preschool, consider Peppertree Montessori. Children attending this preschool thrive as they are encouraged to reach their full potential, not that of someone else. Children learn to be independent, while still cooperating with others, and are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways to achieve these goals. Visit the website to learn more about how your child may benefit from a program of this type.


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