Choosing a hand dryer for your business

Anyone that owns or manages a restaurant, store, service station, etc will be well aware of how quickly customers and staff go through paper towels in the washrooms. Of course, hygiene is of paramount importance but hand drying does not have to be done using costly paper towels, a fast hand dryer does a better job, does it faster, does it cheaper and leaves no waste behind.

If your establishment is still using paper towels you can provide your customers with convenience and save money at the same time; a genuine win-win situation.

Types of hand dryers:

Commercially available warm air hand dryers are not new; they have been a popular option for a long time. Over the years, new materials and technology have been introduced; today there are different models available; a fast hand dryer is rapidly becoming the most popular, for good reasons.

  • Traditional hand dryers: The original hand dryer is still quite popular; this unit operates with a large push button that starts the operation. The design of most models is such that they automatically cut off after 30 to 45 seconds. These units are affordable but they are considerably slower than users want and they require that a button be pushed which may not be a sanitary solution.
  • Fast hand dryer: Whereas traditional units can take as long as 45 seconds to dry hands, a fast hand dryer can do the same job in as little as ten seconds. These hand dryers are quite energy efficient as well although they are a little more expensive to purchase. The majority of fast hand dryers are operated via a sensor rather than a push button, the result is a more sanitary dryer.

When choosing hand dryers for your business, one of the most important considerations is speed, no one wants to spend more time in the washroom than is necessary. Visit for a best hand dryers that are ADA-compliant, fast-drying, or vandal-resistant

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