Jun 4, 2014

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Chlorine Alternatives You Should Consider Using On Your Pool

Have you ever wondered why many people use chlorine on their swimming pools? Why is chlorine so popular around the globe? The reality is that chlorine works in many different ways. First of all, chlorine lowers concentration and eliminates all harmful bacteria in the pool. It is also the safest and more economical sanitizer that has been used for a long time. When used in high concentrations, chlorine has the ability to break down oils, skin flakes and lotions.

Chlorine is approved in many countries and is basically the most economical ways to maintain a swimming pool. While it is considered the best and safest, chlorine has its own risks and disadvantages. According to a research, the byproducts of chlorine are linked conditions like asthma, miscarriage and cancer.

In the past few years, we have seen other chlorine alternatives come in so strongly. People are now using chemical and mineral based systems. The challenge with these alternatives is that you still need an oxidizer to eliminate organic compounds in the Water. And the only safe oxidizer is chlorine. Therefore, you can always use a pinch of chlorine even when using other alternatives.

Chlorine Alternatives

  • The ozone technology. The ozone technology has been used for many years in the US. The product has been proved to improve the quality of water and as a matter of fact, a large number of hotels and motels are now using this alternative to treat water.

Although ozone technology is expensive, it has a low operating cost and the quality of water treated by this method is absolutely amazing. You`ll purchase the equipment at an expensive price but eventually you`ll realize that it saves you a lot of money over the time you`ll be using it.

  • Bromine. It is one of the most effective chlorine alternatives. Bromine has the ability to tolerate high levels of PH and temperature. Bromine and chlorine are found in the same family in the period table and are known as halogens. For that reason, bromine has the ability to eliminate bacteria in a similar manner to that of chlorine.

One advantage that bromine has over chlorine is that it does not have chloramines, which are hazardous byproducts linked to chlorine. The byproducts of bromine, called bromamines, are responsible for killing and disinfecting the water. You should definitely consider using chlorine alternatives the next time you want to treat your swimming pool.

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