Chiropractic Therapy in Marietta GA Helps Patients Recover from Injuries

People who are badly injured in an accident or at work need a comprehensive approach to healing and pain management. It’s often the back and neck area that is injured in a car accident. When people fall, it’s not uncommon that they also hit their head and neck. A medical center that combines the disciplines of orthopedic surgery, chiropractic therapy, and physical therapy offers patients many effective therapies. Using medical professionals at the same facility ensures effective communication. It also makes it very convenient to see several specialists in one afternoon.

At Bridge Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, there are office managers who can easily work with insurance companies to ensure that patients get the care that they need. They can also work out a flexible payment arrangement to ensure that patients are not overwhelmed by the financial burdens of their treatments. Often an orthopedic doctor will examine a patient and determine that other treatments should be tried prior to surgery. Sometimes a chiropractic therapy in Marietta GA adjustment can take the pressure off of a nerve to relieve pain. However, the patient must then work with a physical therapist to ensure that muscles, tendons, and ligaments are strong enough to keep the bones and back discs in the proper alignment.

That’s why often one adjustment won’t cure the problem. The patient might feel better for a day or two, but then the bones slide back into improper position. The chiropractor performs another adjustment and the patient keeps working with the physical therapist. Eventually the body is strong enough to maintain the proper alignment. A sophisticated pain management program that combines mind-body medicine along with medication supports the patient and allows them to move their body as much as possible. The more a patient can move, the more effective physical therapy is.

However, sometimes surgery can’t be avoided. At that point, it’s good to have a surgeon to works with the other professionals. Their insights will better help the surgeon understand the patient’s situation. A stronger body also recovers from surgery more quickly. So, the time spent working a with physical therapist will only increase the likelihood of successful surgery.

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