Apr 22, 2015

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Chiropractic Care and Spinal Decompression in Lexington, KY

Chiropractic medicine is a system of natural health care. The basis for chiropractic is that one’s body is self-regulating and attempts to heal itself. These functions of self-regulation and self-healing are in turn controlled by the brain and spinal cord. If the vertebrae of the spine are misaligned leading to an impaired nervous system, this leads to malfunction of organ systems causing problems throughout the body and just the spine. Therefore, chiropractic medicine focuses on finding and manipulating the misaligned or “subluxated” spinal areas thus bringing relief of pain. Chiropractic treatment is a non-surgical system focusing instead on hands-on manipulation and other forms of therapy to allow one’s body to heal naturally.

For those seeking Spinal Decompression in Lexington KY as part of general chiropractic care,  as a resource site. This website will give a potential patient valuable information about the nature of chiropractic medicine and methods of treatment. If interested in spinal decompression, it will inform one about this procedure. Decompression, or spinal manipulation, is basically the application of controlled force or torque to the section of the spine that is misaligned thus correcting the root cause and allowing the body to experience normalized nerve transmission and heal on its own. This is usually a quick motion that produces a snapping or cracking sound from the release of gases from the joint. However, prior to any treatment a qualified chiropractic practitioner will first do a thorough evaluation and exam.

This may include diagnostic x-rays and/or advanced imaging of the cervical or lumbar spine. Nerve conduction studies measuring the nerves’ ability and speed in sending impulses may also help with diagnosis. After that, the doctor will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan based on the findings. Spinal manipulation coupled with massage therapy, core strengthening exercises, instruction in a daily home exercise program, and consultation with an exercise physiologist may all be part of the treatment plan. Compared to more invasive treatment of spine issues with surgery or drugs, chiropractic focuses on a proactive conservative means of achieving results. It is not just about relief of pain, it is about the quality of life. The multi-discipline approach of competent chiropractic care, including Spinal Decompression in Lexington KY or elsewhere, enables patients maintain health and prevent future injury.

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