Chiropractic care after an automobile accident

In the event of an automobile accident where there appears to be no one injured, the first thing that usually happens is to concern oneself with the vehicle. Many people do not give thought to the fact that they actually may have an accident injury in Mira Mesa. Truth be known, the pain may not manifest itself for some months after the accident and by this time the insurance has paid up but there has been no compensation at all for the pain that the victim is now suffering. For this reason it is important that when an individual has been involved in an accident, he see a specialist in soft tissue injuries.

Whiplash is a common injury caused by an auto accident. Whiplash may lead to not only severe pain, but headaches, blurring vision, spasms, difficulty in sleeping and a host of other problems.

An auto accident injury Mira Mesa area may also be the cause of osteoarthritis, damaging your posture and giving you the appearance of having a humped back. This injury can cause the discs in the spine to slowly degenerate which leads to chronic back stiffness.

Statistically, over thirty percent of people who are involved in an auto accident will have a spine or neck problem, when you consider that each year in the United States there are over 12 million accidents, that adds up to a great number of people who will eventually have problems.

The same study also found that the majority of these people consulted a chiropractor for their injury and a study group of 190 victims of whiplash, 100% responded favorably to chiropractic care.

There are very few medical doctors who are expert in soft tissue and joint injuries; they are more adept at lacerations and other possible problems resulting from an auto accident. It is imperative that people who are involved in an auto accident consult with a specialist who knows the biomechanics of the human frame.

It is not just the vehicle driver that can get an accident injury in Mira Mesa; passengers are equally subject to injury. This is overly the case in the case of a side-on collision where the impact can throw the passenger from side to side. Not only can adults suffer back and neck injuries, children are also susceptible. In an accident, do not think that just because there is no blood or no broken bones, that there cannot be serious damage.

The immediate pain is usually dulled by the adrenalin that is secreted as a result of the accident. This hormone is a natural pain killer and it is not until it wears off that you may realize that you actually have been injured.

If you have an automobile accident injury in Mira Mesa, you are invited to contact the professionals at CK Chiropractic Center; they are experts in solving problems caused by many different types of accidents that cause personal injury.

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