Jan 15, 2015

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Chicago Residents’ Auto Glass Issues Should Not Be Ignored

A small chip or crack in your car’s windshield may not seem like a pressing matter. You may think you can put in on the back burner for later, as there are more important things to take care of first, such as oil changes and new tires. Right? Actually, it is crucial to take care of any problems with your car’s glass immediately, as a seemingly small issue can become a huge one in no time.

Promising Protection

The windshield of your car is the main barrier of defense between you and outside elements. Be it weather conditions or a collision, you and the passengers in your car are being protected by the glass of your car’s windshield. Having damaged glass in your windshield can yield grave consequences if you do not take action as soon as the problem occurs. From small pieces of debris flying at passengers, to weather conditions breaking through weak areas of the glass, there are serious risks you take when you leave a chipped or cracked windshield unattended to.

A Chain Reaction Of Issues

You may notice a small chip or spider web crack in the glass of your car windows. It may seem like such a tiny detail that poses little to no risk to you or your vehicle. However, this assumption could not be further from the truth. Small damage that seems more like a nuisance than a threat is a common sentiment among drivers, but it is no excuse for delaying repair or replacement. Particularly in colder climates, such as Chicago, the weather can intensify the problems associated with cracks and chips. For example, frigid temperatures expand cracks in glass more quickly, so if you ignore that damage to your windshield, you may see the crack grow and eventually shatter the glass of the car.

Legal Responsibilities

Furthermore, ignoring that chip in your car’s windshield or window could lead to legal issues. Some states have deemed it illegal for people to drive around in a car with damaged glass that compromises the driver’s ability to see the road clearly. Decreased visibility of other drivers on the road is dangerous and unwise. Poor visibility can cause accidents and injuries. You can avoid running into legal trouble-or worse-by getting your auto glass repaired or replaced as soon as you see damage.

Weather Woes

Driving in Chicago, auto glass can be susceptible to different weather conditions. For example, heavy rainfall may cause leaks in your vehicle, and snow can also make contact with any cracks and chips, expanding them and exposing you and your passengers to the elements. You may notice that wind can get through some cracks in your car’s glass, indicating that you need to get it repaired. It is also important to pay attention to extreme weather, which could bring damage to your windshield or car windows. Hail can produce chips that could lead to bigger problems if you leave them unaddressed.

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