Chicago Ladies Can Give Their Leg Veins a Facelift with Vein Treatment

As people age, a lot of things change about their bodies. For women especially, things all appear quite a bit different after midlife, including their legs. If you live in the Chicago, IL area, you can keep your beautiful young legs a lot longer with vein treatment from Schaumburg plastic surgeon, Bradley Ashpole. Here’s what Vein Treatment in Schaumburg, IL clinics entails.

Multiple Vein Removal Options

Dr. Ashpole offers several of the treatment options available for varicose and spider veins. You can have them stripped, removed, collapsed, lasered, or diminished. A consultation with the good doctor will help you determine which therapy and treatment is best for the visible veins you currently have.

There’s Even a Treatment for the Largest and Most Stubborn Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are not only unsightly when large and bulging, but they are also potentially lethal. These veins tend to pool blood that can form deadly clots, so treating the veins is medically necessary. Bleeding ulcers that can burst through the skin is another issue that is resolved when varicose veins of this size are treated. In some cases, these procedures can be covered by your insurance, especially if they pose a health risk. The most stubborn of veins do have a treatment option, so don’t think you can’t have these taken care of by an excellent plastic surgeon. For more information on the many different treatment options, or to book a free consultation with Dr. Ashpole, contact Ashpole Plastic Surgery via their contact form and website today.

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