Chicago Journalism Schools Teach You What it Takes to Change the World

It is more important than ever that the world around us is scrutinized and investigated by trained people. Journalism grad programs can give you the experiences you need to pave the way to a more informed public. They can help you to understand not only the proper methodology, but also the importance of doing the work to a standard in which people can trust.

Learning Journalism as an Art and Duty

There are many sensitive issues and events that need to be investigated and reported, but there is a responsible way to go about it. A journalism grad program will help you to master the skills necessary to protect yourself, your sources, and the public from the harms that can occur when dealing with sensitive information.

Critically Viewing the Past

Your coursework in journalism grad programs allows you to take a critical look at historic journalism. It will help you to remain cognizant of the different ways the responsibility and impacts of journalism have been interpreted. This will help you to determine your own journalistic style, and help set you apart from everyone else following the story.

An Opportunity to ‘Get In’

Journalism is about passion and commitment, but it is also about who you know. Access is extremely important. Attending a journalism program will help you to form connections with both students and important people in the field who you can collaborate with to deliver a story. Mentorship can play a huge role in determining where you end up publishing.

Journalism is an extremely important field. It is not a job, but a duty that should not be taken lightly. A journalism grad master’s program will provide you with the skills necessary to safely and properly conduct research, investigations, and reporting. You can make a difference, but on what terms comes with understanding.

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