Feb 19, 2014

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Cherish Your Safety with Access Control Security Systems

Protecting businesses and homes is a much greater concern than a generation or two ago. Because of these needs, companies like Unlimited Technology have developed a variety of security systems that are more complicated than a simple key and lock mechanism. The purpose of access control systems is to restrict access to one’s home, vehicle, or business. Most of the new systems can multitask and offer Identification Badging, video recording, surveillance, analytic platforms, and live building mapping.

There are several such access control security systems companies like Software House, Genetrec, and Honeywell Integrated Security. Software House is labeled an innovator of security technologies and uses software and hardware lines in its products, whether it is for a large business or a small organization. Some of their products include the C-Cure 9000, the C-Cure 800/8000, and the C-Cure Migration. The first C-Cure product is specifically for enterprises and is customizable based on the level of security like a single site, a multisite customer, or a highly distributed environment. With C-Cure 800/8000, users can create unique identifiers like cardholders, enhance security with keypad commands, and import/export personnel records across business applications. Genetec seeks to unify business and security systems and make them simple for users. Synergis is Genetec’s major product that is an IP system (an electronic security device) with key features like enhanced video feed, threat levels, flexible reporting, badge design and printing capabilities, and management of the cardholders and visitors. Honeywell Integrated Security is a company that uses proximity access and claims its invention over 25 years ago.

These products are often web based and can control up to four doors with video as an optional add-on. Regardless of the company, the majority of access control security systems are either set off by a biometric reading, keypad, or proximity. Biometric readings include scanning fingers before allowing entry while keypads make the user input a select code. Proximity methods are most familiar in which one must swipe a card or have it on the person when near the electronic reader. These security systems are in place to support and service local, national, and global operations of any size and package.

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