Apr 11, 2014

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Charged with a Felony? Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wichita, KS

Charged with a Felony? Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wichita, KS

Every person is presumed innocent when they are arrested. Even people charged with serious felonies such as drug trafficking or domestic violence have a right to a fair trial. If a defendant is convicted, they face the possibility of a long jail sentence. Even after they serve their sentence, their conviction will make it difficult for them to find a job. Almost all employers now do background checks. Therefore it’s important for each defendant to receive a vigorous Criminal Defense in Wichita, KS.

When they hire The Law Offices of Kevin M. Smith, PA, they get a lawyer who was an Assistant District Attorney in Sedgewick County, Kansas. He prosecuted many serious crimes such as drug possession, burglary, and DUI cases. In addition to being a very experienced trial lawyer, he knows the inner workings of the District Attorney’s office and how the police investigate crimes. He can and does put this knowledge to work defending his clients. He knows that the police will often stop looking at all possible suspects, when they find one that has a criminal record. Unlike the police, an aggressive criminal defense attorney will scour the evidence looking for anyone who might be guilty.

A diligent lawyer also reviews all of the police reports to ensure that they followed proper police procedures to investigate his client. The police had to have probable cause to stop a car that contained drugs and to search it. If the lawyer can show that the police did not have the proper warrant in place, then any evidence obtained from the car won’t be allowed to be used in building a case. If the police show a single picture to a rape victim and ask her if this was the man who attacked her, then this is not a proper picture line-up. The defendant’s attorney will argue that the police have unduly influenced her memory. As the available evidence dwindles, the Criminal Defense in Wichita lawyer can build a case to have his client found not guilty or to have the District Attorney reduce the charges. Reduced charges are important because they result in less jail time.

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