Aug 17, 2015

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Change the World with 3D Printers for Schools

Change the World with 3D Printers for Schools

Without question, one of the most important societal concerns today is the state of the education system. Education is a vital to our children now and as they grow into adults. One of the primary ways to improve the state of education is by using technology to enhance the learning experience. Introducing the right technology at an early age helps foster an immersive learning environment for children.  In turn, this helps develop a way of thinking that naturally integrates with emerging innovations. With the advent of 3d printing, new methods of integrating math and science with real world applications are at the forefront of a teaching revolution.

3D printers in schools have a growing number of direct (and indirect) benefits. 3D printers for education, like scholastic technologies of years past, allow pupils of all ages to experience firsthand interaction and understanding of cutting edge technology.  Much in the same way that those who grew up experiencing the Internet firsthand have a uniquely deeper understanding of the underlying possibilities offered therein, we expect that those who experience 3D printing at an age when imagination and development of foundational cognitive skills is highest will have an inherently deeper conceptual understanding of the technology’s application – and just as importantly, the basic concepts (in terms of math, science, physics, and similar) that feed into it.

Engineering Comes to Life

Too often engineering students are only able to build objects in a purely theoretical setting, limited to the virtual world of 3D CAD software and simulation programs.  More advanced classes may offer a limited number of students the ability to enter workshops and actually fabricate objects they’ve designed.  With 3D Printers, the degree of accessibility for individuals to fabricate digitally designed objects is significantly increased.  Even students in grade school can begin learning the foundational skills to become engineers themselves.  Doing so in a hands-on manner that better helps them connect real world applications to their education, increasing motivation and retention. This is largely in part due to a 3D printer’s ability to serve as an excellent creative learning tool.

Technology That’s Here to Stay

3D Printing is not a gimmick or fad.  The technology was first developed in the 80’s, and has grown in use since – with the latest burst in popularity due to the introduction of consumer sized (and priced) machines.  It’s something that is definitely here to stay for years to come, with increased versatility and application. If you’re skeptical about the effectiveness of 3D printer technology, then it’s time to schedule an in-house consultation so you can personally see just how effective these printers actually are.

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