Oct 4, 2018

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Chain Link Is A Common Commercial Fence

A chain link fence is basically fencing material that has been “woven” from continuous galvanized steel wire, the result of the weaving process is a loosely form mesh which consists of thousands of squares, all interlocked together. This woven mesh is what commercial fencing companies in Nassau County call the “fabric.” This fabric is stretched and fastened to posts which are firmly set in the ground and it often used to enclose public swimming pools, school playgrounds, tennis courts, industrial facilities and chain link fence is also used to enclose residential properties. The chain link fabric is very popular as temporary enclosures around a construction site where it keeps out unwanted visitors and deters theft.

The fence fabric is galvanized steel wire which can be had in various diameters called gauges. The lower gauge numbers are indicative of a larger diameter strand; hence this material is more expensive; typically the gauges run from 11, the thinnest to 9, the heaviest.

The gauge of the wire is one measure used for chain link fence, the diagonal inside measurement of the square, the common mesh size is two inch for thin gauge wire and a little larger for heavier gauge wire.

The basic chain link fence fabric is galvanized steel which is has excellent rust resisting qualities; this type of fence is also available coated with a vinyl material. The vinyl is bonded to the wire; the result is a smooth finish that is available in a number of colors; green being the most popular. Vinyl coated mesh is architecturally attractive but the price is considerably higher.

Chain Link Fence Companies in Nassau County sell the fabric in rolls, usually 50 feet long. Line posts are driven into the ground, the center to center distance of the posts is determined by the height of the fence. Although “T” shaped metal posts are commonly used, wooden posts can also be employed, especially the terminal posts which are those placed where the fence changes direction and on either side of gates. Top rails are installed and the fabric is installed using a fence stretcher, this is a mechanical device that is fastened to the fence at one end and an immovable object at the other, between the two is a cranking device which slowly tightens the fabric.

Although chain link fence is usually installed in the “as is” condition, when privacy is demanded slats are available that are interwoven into the fence fabric.

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