Jun 11, 2019

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Chafing Fuel Gel: Choose Greener Options

Chafing Fuel Gel: Choose Greener Options

If you’re like most people, you want your event to be the best possible. To do that, you’re probably going to have entertainment, but you’re also going to need delicious food. You may think it is best to have finger-foods or room-temperature items to make things easier, but guests are likely to want a hot meal. Whether you want to hire a caterer or do it yourself, you need to have the right equipment. Chafing dishes are essential because they can keep hot foods warm while your guests mingle, but having the right chafing fuel gel is essential.

Most people worry about chafing fuel gel because it can waste up to 40 percent of the fuel. It’s also a hazardous waste, which means it can be damaging to your lungs and the atmosphere. In fact, most fuel cans have instructions that list removing the contents of the can with appropriate PPE and putting it into a hazmat container so that it can be shipped to an appropriate hazmat site for disposal needs. Almost no one in the restaurant business (or individuals with personal catering equipment) do this, which is highly dangerous for the environment.

EcoBurner is different than your traditional chafing fuel gel in that it produces up to 75 percent fewer carbon emissions than other fuels. Along with such, there are no toxic fumes, so you aren’t going to have that black residue on the dishes and won’t have to worry about fuel spillage. In fact, all the fuel is used, which prevents any waste. If that weren’t enough, you never have to worry about fire because the burner itself is designed to shut itself off if it gets overheated or overturned. Fuel doesn’t go everywhere and have the chance to ignite. The cans themselves are also recyclable, and your product is refillable, which means you can use each drop of fuel.

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