Feb 13, 2015

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Central Park Pedicab Tours are a Thrill

Do you want an environmentally-friendly and exciting adventure through Central Park in New York City? Why not try Central Park pedicab tours? These tours are a unique excursion through an eclectic city’s beautiful green space.

Go Green, Go

A Central Park pedicab tour is an eco-friendly option when taking in the views of a famous attraction in Manhattan. The rickshaw-style mode of transportation is not only fun, it is a healthy alternative. Pedicabs use no gas, so there is no contribution to air pollution, which is important in such a big city. Pedicabs are clean and green, and also are a lot of fun! Whether you are pedaling while toting passengers along, or riding as a pedicab passenger, the ride is a thrill for people of all ages.

Cover More Ground

A pedicab tour allows you to cover more ground throughout the vastness of Central Park. Walking is nice, but with the enormity of the park, using wheels is more suitable if you plan to see all there is to see. With a pedicab tour, you can be comfortable while witnessing the beauty and wonder of the area. Pedicabs are especially convenient for the elderly or those who tire easily or suffer from foot or ankle problems. Pedicabs provide peace of mind while also giving visitors a whole lot of fun.

Family Friendly Fun

Families often opt for pedicab tours in central park. Naturally, younger kids are fascinated by the rickshaws, and even older children and adults find the method to be more exciting than walking or riding a bicycle. Central Park pedicab tours are affordable and help ease parents’ minds because it is very difficult to become separated from the group when using a pedicab tour service.

Take It All In

Central Park pedicab tours take you around and around the park, and help you see all of the great attractions and wonders of the area in a shorter period of time. Visitors using the pedicab will see the lush scenery of the gardens, flowers, shrubs, and trees. These visitors will also pass by the zoo, carousel, and monuments and statues scattered throughout the park. By using a pedicab, you can learn where all of the main attractions in the park are located, and your pedicab tour will take you to these sites while giving you tidbits of information about them and the park itself.

The Best Choice

Overall, there are a number of benefits to taking a Central Park pedicab tour. Companies such out there can provide all you need to enjoy a pedicab journey in one of Manhattan’s hottest destinations.

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