CBD Wax: The Edible, Applicable Material for Anxiety Treatment

CBD wax is a highly concentrated form of CBD oil. Instead of being an oily substance in liquid form, this product is cooked until it becomes a sort of paste. There is a higher concentration of the CBD in this “wax” because most of the liquid has been cooked off and the CBD becomes concentrated as a result. People with anxiety issues find that this CBD product is very helpful to them and it can be consumed or used a number of ways.

Eaten Straight

A tiny amount of wax on a fingertip can be ingested like a dab of peanut butter. In fact, most CBD consumers even call this little bit of product a “dab.” The effects are felt almost immediately with a sense of calm taking over your person. The effect lasts anywhere from thirty minutes to two days, depending on your weight and metabolism.

Rubbed On

You can rub this product on any major pressure point or artery location. The wax acts like a lotion that sinks into the skin. People who find a dab ingested to be too fast acting can slow the effects by rubbing on the dab instead.

Baked into a Treat If you get the CBD wax that is similar in consistency to coconut or palm oil (i.e., mildly pasty but still oily), then you can use it as a substitute in baking. Because of its concentration, however, you will need to modify your recipe. Your supplier can provide you with tips and tricks for baking with CBD wax.

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