Jun 22, 2018

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Carpet Cleaning In Torrance Will Improve Air Quality And Extend Its Life

Carpet Cleaning In Torrance Will Improve Air Quality And Extend Its Life

A clean home or business is more than a dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. The carpeting in a home or business can harbor bacteria, viruses, allergens, dirt, and other harmful substances that affect the air quality in a building. The life of carpeting will be shortened if regular Carpet Cleaning in Torrance is not performed.

Dirt is trapped in the carpet fibers and cannot be removed by vacuuming. The dirt slowly breaks down the fibers in the carpet and causes it to look matted or worn out. When this happens, regular vacuuming will only temporarily lift the carpet. In a short amount of time, the carpet will look old and in need of replacement.

How Often Should Carpeting Be Cleaned?

Carpeting should be cleaned at least once a year. Heavy traffic areas require cleaning more often and stains should be removed as quickly as possible. Deep soil extraction will eliminate all of the dirt that is damaging your carpets.

Repairing The Carpet

Hiring a reputable cleaning service means that damaged carpeting will be repaired during carpet cleaning. An experienced company who performs Carpet Cleaning in Torrance will perform repairs to salvage carpeting in residential and commercial buildings. If carpeting is damaged beyond repair, the cleaning can install new carpet and padding.

Upholstery Cleaning

When carpet cleaning is performed, the upholstery and drapes should be cleaned. Upholstery can collect dust and germs that will affect the air quality in a building. Drapes can trap dust that will be released each time they are moved. Regular upholstery and drapery cleaning will extend the life of these items and reduce allergens in the air.


Pet dander, dust mites, and many other allergens in carpeting and upholstery will cause poor air quality in a building. Individuals who suffer from asthma will have difficulty breathing when the carpeting is harboring dirt, dust, and debris. The air will be cleaner and there will be less dust accumulation on the furniture.

If you are interested in improving the air quality in your building and extending the life of your carpeting, get the carpets cleaned today. Request a free estimate of the work you need to have performed.

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