Jul 16, 2015

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Carpet Cleaning 101: 3 Myths about Wet Carpet Cleaning Services in Milwaukie

Carpet cleaning companies provide two main types of carpet cleaning services in Milwaukie: Dry cleaning and wet cleaning. The dry cleaning is used for light cleaning of the carpet, while wet cleaning is best for cleaning dirt and dust that have accumulated deep within the carpet fibers.

Wet carpet cleaning methods are superior to dry cleaning methods. But since the wet cleaning method involves getting the carpet wet, some people have certain misconception about the process. Here are 3 common myths about wet carpet cleaning services in Milwaukie that are not true.

Myth #1: Wet Carpet Cleaning Method Don’t Need Drying.
A myth surrounding wet cleaning method is that the carpet doesn’t need drying after cleaning the carpet. But the fact is unless your house is located in a very dry place like in California or Arizona, or a desert where there is high humidity and temperature, the pad underneath the carpet will not dry itself. Mold will start to grow within 72 hours of the water entering the pads under the carpet.

You must remember that your carpet is like a sieve. Water that is used to wash the carpet filters through the carpet and lands on the pad. If the dry cleaning company doesn’t dry the pads underneath the carpet it will eventually result in mold growth inside the carpet. Even if the carpet looks dry the pad underneath the carpet may be wet. That is why when receiving the carpet you must ensure that the carpet is completely dry both on the surface and the pad underneath the carpet.

Myth #2: Wet Pads Cannot be Dried
Another myth relating to wet pads is that some people wrongly presume that the wet pad underneath the carpets cannot be dried. Some inexperienced carpet cleaning firms may even give you this wrong advice. The fact is that it can be and should be dried immediately after cleaning. There are various techniques to clean the wet pads beneath the carpet. Two effective tools to remove water from the pads include using FlashXtractor and floating the carpet.

Myth #3: All Carpet Cleaning Firms Will Dry the Carpet and the Pad
Not all carpet cleaning companies fully dry the carpet after using the wet cleaning method. Only the most professional and experienced firms offering carpet cleaning services in Milwaukie make sure to completely dry the carpet. A regular carpet cleaning firm will not dry the pad beneath the carpet before sending it to your place.

In the end, wet carpet cleaning services in Milwaukie is the best method to thoroughly clean the carpet. But a number of people are confused about the wet carpet cleaning process. You should be mindful of the above fact about wet carpet cleaning method when you select a carpet cleaning services in Milwaukie.

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