There are many rules to follow when looking after all manner of fabrics and materials. These rules also apply when taking care of your carpets. Carpeting just one room of a home is an expensive job. It is important to take care of your floor covering in order to get the best from your investment. Potentially the carpet will be on that floor for many years. Many people will walk upon it, not to mention animals, pets and those spillages which always tend to happen to brand new or light coloured home furnishings!

So what can you do to minimise wear, tear and obvious damage? Well you could buy a dark coloured carpet so stains don’t show however that would just be silly! You could ban anyone from eating and drinking within any of the carpeted rooms of your home. Again, that is just preposterous! Alternatively, you could follow some sensible rules in order to keep your carpet looking good for as many years as possible.

General home maintenance of your carpet

* Ensure that you never use any household cleaning agents such as washing up liquid on your carpet. Who knows what damage these could cause! Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer and use only specialist cleaning liquids or whatever they recommend for cleaning spots and spillages. Better still, if you can, always leave big cleaning jobs to the experts. This could mean the difference between a ruined carpet and a rejuvenated one!

* If your carpet is particularly light it is important to ensure that people wipe their feet thoroughly or even better take ff their shoes before entering the room.

* If your carpet is multicoloured as in the case of a Turkish carpet, you need to be careful when DIY cleaning in case the carpet is not colourfast. DIY cleaning can ruin this type of floor covering.

* If you must clean a few spots from a carpet yourself, always test first in order to determine colour fastness. Remember it is better to seek the help and attention of a specialist professional cleaning company for best results. You can companies up and down the country who specialise in shampooing carpets and Cleaning Rugs in Middlesex is renowned for quality carpet cleaning.

* Create a small carpet maintenance kit to get the best from your floor covering. Ensure it contains a vacuum cleaner with attachments, absorbent cloths, dry cleaning fluid and carpet shampoo. This will ensure that you have all the materials you will ever need in case of emergencies.

Through following these simple tips, you will ensure you get the longest life possible from your carpet. Such a big investment deserves to be looked after as well as possible.

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