May 5, 2014

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Caring for Marble Floor Tile

Is there anything more beautiful than marble floor tile? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most people would be ecstatic to have this type of flooring in their home. Marble is extremely luxurious and elegant; many temples and palaces have been using marble on their floors for centuries.

Marble floor tile is extremely durable and beautiful, and comes in many patterns and colors. However, it does require a little care to keep it looking better and lasting longer.

It is actually quite simple to care for a marble floor, if you take a little time to consider your options. The first thing to do is find a floor cleaner. This cleaner should have a neutral pH because alkaline or acidic cleaners will end up scratching and damaging the marble. There are some cleaners available in your favorite store, but you could also just use one cup of ammonia for every five gallons of water. Make sure it is mixed well and mop as you would normally mop a floor. This concoction will lift grease and dirt, and won’t affect the marble’s shine.

Whenever you have marble floor tile, you run the risk of it becoming scratched. If you can place your own tiles, you might want to put marble in areas that don’t have a lot of traffic. If the marble is already in your home, you should take certain precautions against scratching. This could include using floor coverings on high traffic areas, removing shoes before walking on the marble or you could invest in a maintenance plan for the marble. To keep the shiny appearance of the marble and remove scratches, a professional should be called in to hone, sand and polish the marble.

However, many people don’t seem to mind a few scratches and dings on their marble. It actually creates more character for the marble and provides an easier way of taking care of the flooring because you don’t have to regularly have it polished.

If you do want to have your marble repaired and keep up maintenance, it is best to have this maintenance four times per year. Most people tend to do their maintenance with the changing seasons, such as beginning of fall, summer, spring, winter. However, you can also do it every three months. For more information visit online.

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