Jun 5, 2015

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Care Tips for Olde English Bulldogge Puppies

Different people have different ideas about raising dogs. Some of them want to keep their dogs outdoors while others want to keep them indoors. Raising Olde English bulldogges is simple, but there are a few special needs associated with these dogs. Know more about Olde English bulldogge puppies and why you must pay attention to their care needs.

Maintain Your Pet’s Healthcare

Every year all kinds of Olde English bulldogge puppies go through health ups and downs. Last year your pet may have gone through the common cold or a life-threatening surgery. For whatever reason you need a veterinarian, you need health pet insurance. Fortunately, not getting insurance is more expensive than getting it. Most monthly premiums cost no more than $30 for dogs and cats.

Feed Your Pet Properly

Dry or canned dog food is a good meal for active bulldogs. For inactive dogs, you want to feed them minimal calorie types of pet food so they do not gain weight. Owners are encouraged to feed name brand food to their pets. Feeding them “people food” is always discouraged. Dogs need the right daily intake of vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy.

Promote Good Exercise

Promote good daily exercise and physical activity for your Olde English bulldogges. These activities are necessary to promote the optimal health of their minds and bodies. It also relieves boredom in lazy or confined Olde English bulldogges. Set aside times to participate in stimulating games with your pet

Handle Your Pet’s Grooming Needs

The difference between a happy bulldog and an unhappy one is that one of them is groomed properly every day. Maintain the cleanliness of your Olde English bulldogge at all times. Just because it is a dog does not mean he or she hates cleanliness. Most dogs like to be clean and free of debris that causes fleas and infections. Scratching yourself to rid yourself of fleas is not a task that everyone wants to do.

It takes only a few minutes to brush your dog’s thick fur. Brushing reduces shedding and improves cleanliness. Also, look out especially for ticks and fleas regularly. Bathe your Olde English bulldogge every week or month if necessary – dogs do not need as many baths as humans. Busy individuals can take their dogs to groomers for professional services.

Olde English bulldogge puppies are amicable and easy to take care of – but you must be a good owner too and take care of them properly. Bulldogs are known for their angry looks and bad tempers, but not all of them grow up to be aggressive. In fact, many of them display little to no aggression at all. If you want to own these pets, you have to know how to care for them. Then, they will show their own care for you in return. Contact Olde South Bulldogges when you are ready to make your selection.

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