Car Buying – Should You Go for a Pre-Owned Car or A Brand-New Car in CA?

When it comes to getting a car, you can either get a brand-new one or a pre-owned one. Your decision will affect your future finances in three to five years, or until you are done paying your car. Because of its depreciating value, most people don’t consider buying a car as an investment but rather a necessity. So, before you decide to pick a car at New Subaru Walnut Creek CA, consider this question first – brand new or pre-owned car?

Why Go for a Brand-New Car?

When you get a brand-new car, it comes with a warranty. Most car dealers also offer to finance at a very low rate for brand-new cars. With a low-interest rate, the total interest you have to settle in three to five years is also lesser.

Also, new cars come with the latest technology. Imagine the interior of a 2020 Subaru Ascent or a 2020 Subaru Outback! If you love outdoors, just imagine how handsome you will be driving a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid! With newer car models come lower emissions and better mileage. It also comes with more handsome designs.

Why Go for Pre-owned Car?

The advantage of buying a used car is that you already have an idea of how your chosen car works. Once you decided to buy a pre-owned car, you no longer have to worry about its depreciating value. Imagine, you can now get a car that costs $30,000 three years ago for $15,000.

Because you already have a specific car in mind, it is easier for you to save up and pay for it with cash. Since it is a pre-owned car, the insurance rate for it might also be lower.

For the best buying experience, work with certified pre-owned car dealers only. Since you are hunting for a great pre-owned car, invest time and patience in hunting for ‘the one’.

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