May 8, 2014

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Can You Really Trust Cheap Cigars?

I suppose, your decision whether or not to trust Cheap Cigars depends upon two factors; the degree of your enthusiasm for smoking cigars and your understanding of the word cheap. Webster’s still tells us that to be cheap; something has to be sold beneath its normal market price and value; but, that begs the question of “why sell cheap”? Unfortunately, too many of us have been caught out by purchasing a cheap article only to find out (too late) that it was an inferior, low quality, substandard article (which was not even worth the low price we paid for it).

Cigars Are All About Taste

You can buy fruit that was grown and ripened under perfect conditions and taken to the market in its freshest condition; to be sold to you at a “reasonable” price. Alternatively, take the same kind of fruit grown in a less favorable place with less ”love and attention” and roughly handled on its way to the market; maybe it’s ripe; maybe it’s over-ripe; but, the vendor has a sign up proclaiming – “Cheap Fruit Here”. Which of these examples is likely to have the best taste?

Any cigar aficionado will explain his smoking in terms of aroma and taste and the true connoisseur will go to great lengths to inform you that there are many varieties of the tobacco plant (each with its own taste) and that these plants have to planted in the best suited soil under the most preferable climatic conditions; otherwise, the finer points of their taste could be lost. However, it does not stop there; the leaves have to be correctly harvested and then dried, cured, fermented and even flavored before being ready to be used in cigar making. For the very best tasting cigars; different leaves (possibly from different plantations) are mixed together to form different parts of the cigar. Traditionalists claim that the full cigar flavor can only be obtained if the cigar has been hand rolled and not machine made – nevertheless; there are some machine made cigars that are considered fit to be called premium cigars.

All This Comes At A Price

Leave out any of the above steps in order to produce Cheap Cigars and you risk removing vital elements of the taste the smoker will experience. However, if you include everything; but make a smaller cigar; it can be both cheap (compared to bigger ones) and perfectly palatable. In some places; small cigars can carry less tax and duties which will also make them cheaper. Additionally, savings and efficiency in the supply chain process can help reduce the price to the consumer and allow him to buy trustworthy Cheap Cigars.


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