Dec 31, 2013

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Can You Buy Filtered Cigars Online?

In this digital, interconnected age of ours, there is almost no need to ever leave the comfort of your own home. It is not only possible these days to work from home; there are many people already doing so and receiving quite big bucks without having to go outside. To do this, they have to be at least a little computer savvy and, more importantly, have enough knowledge of the internet to make it work for them. Such people will be quite susceptible to the concept of shopping on line. Maybe they start out tracking down a book or video that is no longer available in the shops and, then, they soon discover that they can order virtually anything on line; pay by credit card or other electronic means and have the goods delivered to them at home.

No Need To Leave The House

In such times, the answer is; yes, you can even Buy Filtered Cigars Online and have them delivered to you (provided, of course, that you are of legal smoking age in the area where you live). The convenience aspect from not having to call in at a store when you have run out of “smokes” is obvious; although, some people may ask – “why would you want to smoke anything?’.However, the health aspects of smoking are a totally different subject which is open to widely differing opinions.

Cigars are made from tobacco and tobacco smoking is legal for ‘adults” throughout the country – there are restrictions on where you may or may not smoke but you do have the right to smoke should you so choose. Your home is one of the few places where your right to smoke is not being challenged which may be another factor in your decision to Buy Filtered Cigars Online.

Health Considerations

It is probably fair to say that all tobacco smokers are fully aware of the health risks associated with their habit and do take some precautions which they believe lessen the risks. Some people choose cigars over cigarettes on the grounds that cigar makers do not add as many “chemicals” to their product (compared to the cigarette companies). Another factor is that cigars are all tobacco there is no “treated” paper around a cigar.

However, cigarettes used to hold out a big attraction to the health conscious smoker in so much as the fact that cigarettes can come with filters and cigars do not. Without going into the efficacy of filter claims, the theory sounds convincing. So convincing that the cigar industry have broken a long tradition and do now produce cigars with filters on them (which you can now buy on line).


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