Oct 8, 2014

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Can We Live Without Batteries These Days?


When electricity entered the homes of most of our society, the average consumer did not see a need for batteries. Battery development at the time was focused on automobiles, submarines and lighthouses. The average battery size was quite large and definitely not easily portable. Lightweight, smaller batteries made the flashlight possible but it was quite a while before they got small enough to put batteries in clocks and watches.

Who could have known that one day our society would come to depend on batteries, even for an act as simple as smoking?

Battery-powered smoking

Batteries1Battery-powered smoking is more commonly known as “vaping,” because the heating of the flavored oil does not produce smoke, but a water vapor.  The flavored fluids are being vaporized into “steam” by an atomizer. This is where the power source is required and it will be provided from the electricity stored in a battery.

E-cig variations


Most electronic cigarette batteries are rechargeable, relatively large and take up most of the visible size of an e-cig. The battery is used to power the atomizer that heats the e-juice.  Additionally, the battery can be used to power an LED light, usually colored red or blue, at the end of the e-cigarette.  This LED light does not affect the vaping experience and is considered to be a cosmetic feature of some e-cigarettes.

Some electronic cigarette batteries provide power to the atomizer at a fixed constant rate while others are rigged to allow the vaper to set his or her own choice of power from within a given range. For people who do not like to have to hold down a push button switch in order to generate their vapor, the e-cig can have a sensor incorporated that activates the battery power whenever suction is applied to the mouthpiece.

Replacement Batteries


When purchasing a ready-built e-cig, it appears that the battery is a long cylinder; one end crews into the cartomizer and mouthpiece while the other might have a screw-on cap to protect a USB charging port. However, this is usually nothing more than a housing for one or more of the standard rechargeable batteries available on the market. Not all packs can be easily opened to facilitate replacement of the batteries inside.

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