Apr 6, 2015

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Can My Dental Emergency Wait?

Can My Dental Emergency Wait?

There are dental emergencies in Mesa, AZ and elsewhere that can’t wait. There are dental scenarios that shouldn’t wait. As soon as something goes wrong in your mouth it is absolutely advisable to get help as quickly as possible. The longer you leave it, the more chances of it being more arduous, expensive, and painful to fix.  You might not have access to your regular dentist for whatever reason. Maybe you are away from home. Maybe your dentist is fully booked. Seeing an emergency dentist could be very helpful until you get a chance to see your regular dentist. And if you don’t have a family dentist and need help with an emergency your choice in an emergency dentist  in Mesa, AZ could help you find a new dentist that you want to work with on an ongoing basis.

Here are some examples of dental emergencies as well as information about whether or not you should act quickly:

A Toothache:

If you’re away from home and wonder if a toothache is a reason to see a local Mesa, AZ dentist that answer will depend on how severe the toothache is, on whether or not over the counter pain relief or analgesics work, and on how soon it’ll be until you are back home and able to contact your own dentist.

Damaged Dental Work or an Accident Where Teeth Have Broken

Has a filling fallen out? Have you had a tooth chipped? Has a dental veneer fallen off? An emergency dentist in Mesa, AZ can often see you quickly and help you fix minor problems. Extensive damage could mean dental surgery. Whether you have a dentist and want to wait to see them or need help from an emergency dentist will largely depend on the severity of the situation. It couldn’t hurt to get an opinion from an emergency dentist, particularly if you’re in pain or there has been extensive damage done.

The best approach to dentistry is a proactive and preventative approach but emergencies do happen and whether you are visiting Mesa AZ and need an emergency dentist or you live here and are looking for some immediate assistance you’ll find a number of local dentists more than willing to help you with your emergency.

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