Can Lawyers Help If Your Veterans Disability Claim Was Denied?

Even the VA admits that lawyers for disabled veterans can greatly improve the chances of winning disability benefits on appeal. According to their own statistics, applicants that “go it alone” were denied at appeal 36 percent of the time while applicants that were represented only were denied half that number.

Of course, these are only statistics, it is important to understand that no two cases are exactly the same and as such some situations can be better helped with legal representation than others. There are a number of reasons why experienced lawyers for disabled veterans can make a world of difference in the outcome of your claim.

Knowledge of the rules, regulations and applicable law:

Those that are charged with the responsibility to approve disability claims are bound by complex rules and regulations. As a result of the complexity of the process, even the VA themselves admit to a high error rate. Experienced lawyers that assist veterans with their appeals know the rules and laws and, to maintain their accreditation with the DVA they must keep up to date on all laws and rules which change frequently.

Building a winning case:

To win a case you have to provide a great deal of substantiating evidence that your disability is the direct result of your years in the military or your service aggravated a condition you had upon enlistment. Lawyers for disabled veterans know what evidence is needed and how to get it, if records are not available, lawyers know other ways to demonstrate facts by getting opinions from qualified medical experts or statements from people that served with you.

Although lawyers can’t speed up the actual time taken by the authorities to review your claim, they can gather the supporting documentation quicker which simply means the appeals process starts earlier. If there are questions raised during the review, lawyers can respond quickly. Saving time at every juncture can add up, you get your benefits quicker.

If you claim veterans disability benefits only to be denied, lawyers for disabled veterans can be of considerable help. To discuss your disability claim in detail you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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