Jan 29, 2014

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Call Out The Roofing Contractors in Boca Raton For A Roof Inspection

Owning a home means taking on a great deal of responsibility. Once you’ve bought your first home, you’ll truly find out how much maintenance needs to be done to the place. In order to keep your home looking as good as it did the day you bought it, you need to keep an eye on possible problems arising, such as wood rot and shingles blowing off your roof. If you see some shingles missing or it’s been a year since your roof has been inspected, you should call experienced roofing contractors in Boca Raton to take a look at it.

By having your roof inspected once a year, you can find out if water is seeping in under the protection of the shingles of your house. Sometimes, you’ll see a slump in your roof indicating water is puddling underneath your roofing foundation. You will need that water dried out, and the valley that has been collecting the water needs to be fixed. If your gutters are clogged up and the water isn’t draining off of the roof effectively, you could have water building up on your roof and into the siding of your house. You need to get those gutters cleaned out each year so they work right.

If you call Roofing Contractors in Boca Raton out and they find that there is nothing wrong with your roof, you can request a certificate for your roof. It’ll cost a couple of hundred of dollars, but it’s worth it, especially if you plan on selling your home later on down the road. This will give the potential buyer a good reason to buy your house. It means they will have at least a year where the roof is guaranteed to be in good shape. If something shows up on your roof after getting that certificate, it will be fixed by the company. If it’s something like the shingles blowing off during the next storm after the certificate is obtained, this wouldn’t qualify for free maintenance.

Get your appointment today to have a roofing contractors look at your roof so you can have peace of mind during the winter months. After all, a responsible home owner keeps an eye on these kinds of things.

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