Feb 11, 2016

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Call A Root Canal Specialist In Baltimore City

There are some people who hate going to the dentist. However, they hate it even more when the term root canal is used. Not long ago, patients would beg for a tooth to be pulled rather than face a root canal. Thanks to modern techniques, root canal therapy is much more comfortable these days. The procedure is used for badly decayed teeth. In the worst cases, decay goes all the way to the center of the tooth. Likewise, sometimes a tooth forms an abscess or infection. Other teeth that need root canals are damaged by trauma and the nerve is exposed.

If a tooth is abscessed, a patient must take antibiotics until the infection clears. Indeed, it is difficult to numb a tooth when it is infected. A Root Canal Specialist in Baltimore City begins the treatment by numbing the tooth. First, a drill is used to remove the surface of the tooth. The specialist has to reach the pulp at the center of the tooth. Hand instruments and motorized instruments are used during the treatment. Interestingly, instruments that look like miniature files are used to clean out the tooth’s canals. The goal is to remove the tooth’s nerve. The whole nerve has to be removed so the tooth does not hurt anymore. Likewise, the tooth cannot get infected again.

When the cleaning is over, the tooth is dried and a material called “gutta percha” in put in it. This material seals the tooth. However, the job is still not complete. Some dentists put a temporary filling in. At this point, the tooth is fragile like an empty shell. The least amount of pressure can cause the tooth to break again. Therefore, most dentists recommend covering the tooth with a crown. The crown protects the tooth and it will last for years. Visit the website of a Root Canal Specialist in Baltimore City to learn more. Click where the page says, Get additional info here. To have or not have a root canal basically boils down to saving a tooth. The experience is daunting but it is better than losing a tooth.

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