Jan 10, 2014

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Cable Security Seals; Securing Your Belongings with Practicality in Mind

There are many types of user friendly cable security seals available for purchase. The MCL 500 is a great example of a versatile cable that can be used for just about anything. It comes in a variety of lengths, to suit every security requirement. Whether you need it for securing your cargo or simply to rope a few items together, it’s affordable with every aspect of practicality in mind. The cable is secured as soon as the wire is pushed through the mechanism. It can be tightened but not loosened, so it is highly tamper proof in terms of security.

What Can Cable Seals Be Used For?

Cable seals can be used in a wide variety of industries. From securing air containers to rail cars and calibrators, the possibilities are endless. Some cable seals even come with a built in rib pattern. This pattern protects the cable against rough handling, preventing it from slipping under pressure and also keeping the security device intact. The locking mechanism is very simple. However, it is also very effective and is a prime choice for those who want to quickly secure their items. The cable needs to be cut after use, and they are not reusable.

Carrier Cable Seals

Carrier cable seals are both strong and durable. They are designed for high security applications, and the body is made from high impact ABS to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of security. The wire will fray when it is cut, so there will be clear evidence if someone was to tamper with your device. Cable carrier seals are very affordable to buy, and sometimes you can even save money by buying in bulk. If you do need to purchase them in bulk, then it would be useful to find someone who offers a color coding service. This means that you would be able to color code your cables for ease of use and identification purposes. You can also add your own identification number to the carrier cable, so if your items get stolen you can easily trace them back to your company.

Mega Fortris is a well-known distributor of cable security seals. They have a varied amount of cable security seals in stock, with color coding options available for all products.

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