Buying Homes, Remodeling, and Selling to Keep the Tri-Cities Beautiful

If you are looking to buy or sell your home in the Tri-Cities area, New Again Houses will assist you every step of the way. They are local and care about the people and the houses, and withhold the Southern attitude of treating every person as if they were family. This group of real estate developers buy, remodel, and sell homes with the passion of keeping that area of Tennessee beautiful. They believe there are so many homes that need just a bit of love and care in order to become someone’s forever home, the place where they settle down, raise a family and find their safe place.

New Again Houses can offer cash for your house, and with their passion and vision, remodel it to sell it to a homebuyer. Founded in 2008, they knew from the beginning they wanted to help the community by caring for old homes. They began small, flipping a few houses each year. And even when the housing crash happened, they took full advantage of the situation, turning lemons into lemonade, and began offering free consults to help buyers get qualified through licensed lenders for grants. Since then, New Again Houses has invested over $15,000,000 into local properties all while helping their clients’ dreams come to fruition.

The team is passionate about helping clients find their family’s next home. They offer free consults to clear up any confusion or questions that may come when thinking about buying a home. Offering cash for your house, New Again Houses will buy houses in all conditions, sizes, and locations.

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