Buying Guide for Janitorial Supplies

Having the proper supplies for cleaning dining areas, public restrooms, and commercial kitchens makes the job of a janitor easier and safer. It’s important as a commercial business to have a cleaning schedule to keep things safe and clean for everyone who enters the facility. That cleaning is more efficiently done when you have a professional janitorial paper products supplier around Dallas, TX.

We’ll look at the most important items to have for your janitorial crew and where to get them for a great price.


With cleaning and sanitation, you need great buckets. Having a bucket dedicated to mixing cleaning solutions is important. You can choose a color-coded bucket to avoid cross-contamination. For instance, red buckets might be used for sanitizer while green buckets are used for cleaning solutions. Mop buckets are another bucket need that can’t be ignored. The good thing is that most professional janitorial supply companies will have high-quality options.


A janitor needs various brushes on hand to take care of grime and dirt found on the job. You can’t use the same brush for everything, so make sure to have what is required for your company needs. Some of the common options are toilet bowl brushes, floor drain brushes, floor scrub brushes, brooms, general scrub brushes, and wire brushes. You will also want to consider the materials the bristles are made of, which might be nylon, plant fiber, animal hair, polyester, wire, or polystyrene.

Paper Supplies

It may seem as if a janitor would have limited need for paper products, but that isn’t true. Everything from paper towels to toilet tissue, napkins, and hand towels are required in many environments. A janitorial paper products supplier around Dallas, TX, such as Master Cleaning Supply, Inc., will have all of these items on hand so you can purchase whatever you need all at once.

Other Needed Supplies

While buckets, brushes, and paper supplies are important, there are other needs that get used frequently. Some of these include squeegees, cleaning cloths, floor drain baskets, drain filters, sanitizer test strips, and a variety of cleaning agents.

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