Buying Designer Diamond Engagement Rings – A Guide for Beginners

Buying an engagement ring to propose to your partner can be a difficult proposition. Designer diamond engagement rings are sold in many different jewelry boutiques across the country. However, when you visit any jewelry shop, you can be confused with the sheer variety available. Diamond rings are the preferred choice for many people. Diamonds exude elegance and style, and they look exquisite. However, an ordinary diamond ring starts from around $300-$500 and can go well into thousands of dollars. Therefore, it’s always important to be careful when making a selection.

Set a Budget

Designer diamond engagement rings are not necessarily more expensive than the ordinary styles available in the market today. Rather than be confused at the sheer amount of choice available, it’s best that you limit your choices by setting a budget. There’s no need to set your budget extremely high and browse expensive designer diamond engagement rings. Many designers offer affordable options that you can choose from as well.

Check Your Cuts

The cut of the diamond actually determines its light return and sparkle. Most cuts today are made using machines. It’s important for you to know the different cuts, such as a pear, oval, cushion cut, round brilliant cut, or emerald cut before making a decision.

The clarity and color of the diamond also play an important role in determining its price. If light isn’t refracting properly in the diamond, it might because it has inclusions that are interfering with the play of light. White diamonds can be treated in a variety of ways, such as laser drilling and fracture filling. It’s important to buy a certified stone so you know that yours is natural. If you are buying a colored diamond, be aware that some colors can be induced by man and stones with induced color should cost much less than a stone with natural color. This is another instance where buying a certified gem protects you.

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